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number 13  –  May / June 2011


On Friday, 27th May, Alimos opened the doors of its partners’ meeting to the public, namely to several members of the farming sector, representatives of cooperative companies and representatives of consumers. After the approval of the annual accounts 2010 and the presentation of the 2011 provisional budget, the meeting turned into a more informal discussion about the present scenario and the future vision of Alimos. The meeting took place at the Unaway Hotel in Cesena.

During the second part of the meeting participants discussed about the links between food production and the education to a more aware consumption. They exchanged their views on the new approaches of the public and private sector in managing consumers’ needs and on the potential of the agri-food sector in creating a network of communication services for schools.

The ultimate goal of this ‘open meeting’ is to look into the future, using all the skills and know how built in over 40 years of experience.

Proceedings were closed by Valtiero Mazzotti, Director-General of the Agriculture Departement of the Emilia-Romagna Region.


While kids of Italian primary schools are about to finish the activities organized for the second edition of the School Fruit Scheme, Alimos has just finished in Florence its small Tour of Italy, aimed at promoting the project. We stopped in 10 regions, saw hundreds of kids, families, teachers and people working in the field of education and, of course, of fruit and vegetables. So many people with whom we shared opinions and experiences.

In less than three months, we travelled around Italy, we visited schools, public institutions, teaching farms, small towns and big cities. We covered thousands of kilometres to promote the project among local communities. We discussed with people who took part in this wonderful experience and with those who want to be part of it in the future.

From the city of Bari to the small village of Sant’Olcese, in the inland parts of Liguria. This is the idea of our Fruit Tour. We stopped at Campobasso, Moncalieri, Perugia, Bologna, Naples, Chieti, Potenza and Florence. Each event provided us and all the subjects involved in the School Fruit Scheme (namely families, teachers, farms, businesses) with a unique chance to exchange ideas and learn something new about it.

We hope the next edition of the School Fruit Scheme can benefit from the ideas and suggestions that came out during our tour.

In the meantime you can enjoy watching our pictures of the Fruit Tour at the following link:


On Tuesday, 24th May 2011, the Research Centre for Fruit and Vegetable Production (CRPV) organized the meeting titled “Profitability from business diversification for agricultural holdings in the Emilia Romagna region”. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss about the Re. Di. project and present the economic results of agroenergy production, agritourism activities, educational farms and social farms.

These are the main conclusions from the study performed by Angelo Frascarelli and Elena Della Botte of the University of Perugia:
Agroenergies (biogas)
High profitability, land impact to monitor

The activity is well consolidated but there is a need to find the right combination between business organisation and types of services.

Educational Farms
Economically marginal, they have an important social value.

Social Farms
This activity relies on public funds from the Healthcare System. In the Emilia Romagna region there is a significant presence of type B cooperatives, that integrated farming activities, and a lack of agricultural holdings that integrated social activities (this type of business presents major opportunities).

Among the conference speakers Maria Luisa Bargossi, Massimo Brusaporci, Mauro Fini, Eugenio Cozzolino.


School Fruit Scheme Photo Contest

The Italian Ministry of Agriculture has launched the first photo contest of the School Fruit Scheme.

The initiative aims to give more visibility to families promoting healthy eating habits and a regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.

All the pictures, in digital format, must be uploaded before 30th August 2011 on the contest website www.tuttipazziperlafrutta.it

Kids’ cooking classes

Children of primary and junior high schools of the Forlì and Cesena province participated, from March to May, to cooking classes carried out at the IAL training organization in Cesenatico.

Overall, 650 children of 33 classes were involved in several cooking activities.

Healthy snacks at school

Local teaching farms were involved this year in preparing healthy snacks, made with local fresh products, for 481 children of two junior high schools of the Forlì and Cesena area.

This initiative is organized within the Nutrition Education Project 2010-2011, financed by the Province of Forlì and Cesena.


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