During the Macfrut Fair 2010, a round table will be held between operators of the fruit and vegetable sector, food education experts, delegates of the Italian Ministry for Agriculture, to present teaching and pedagogic strategies implemented by operators involved in the Community School Fruit Scheme. The main goal of the meeting is to share the language, the tools, the activities and the methods of communications promoting healthy eating habits.

The meeting will also be focused on activities and strategies aimed to increase children’s consumption of fruits and vegetables. In particular, the operators involved will illustrate the initiatives they implemented to provide fruit and vegetables to school children. 

In addition to the Italian experience of Apofruit, we will know more about the School Fruit Scheme in France thanks to CRENO – Interfel. Finally, AREFHL will illustrate activities carried out by operators of the fruit and vegetable sector across Europe.

 An interpreting service (Italian – English) will be available.