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number 11 –  April 2011


After stopping in Puglia, Abruzzo and Umbria, Alimos Fruit Tour will move to the Tyrrhenian coastline, then all the way up to the Piemonte Alps, passing from the Ligurian coast and the plain of Emilia-Romagna. We continue our tour to present the accompanying measures to the local press.
In April we have a program full of events all over Italy.

Wednesday 6th April, Lando and his friends will be in Casoria, in the suburbs of Naples, at the Istituto III Circolo Carducci. While the acting company Fondazione Aida will amuse school children with their show, we will be presenting the Fruit School Scheme to the local community.

Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th the Tour will stop in Liguria (Genova) and then in Piemonte (Turin). In both cases local teaching farms will animate the events with their outdoor learning activities, presenting them to the local press.

On Tuesday, 19th April, it will be the turn of Daniele De Leo, with his show at the Istituto Lame in 158 Via della Beverara in Bologna. On this occasion, results and future prospects of the School Fruit Scheme will be discussed.


Experiencing at first hand, in the field, is normally the best way to learn new concepts and habits. That is why Alimos created the character of the farmer Lando, the main protagonist of this year’s edition of the School Fruit Scheme.

Lando is, first of all, a name assigned to 91 farm operators that are performing activities in primary schools located in 10 regions from northern to southern Italy. The purpose of Lando’s activities is explaining to school kids how to set up and taking care of a small garden.

Lando carries out his activities in two ways: if the school has its own garden, Lando uses his/her experience in the field to show kids how to sow and grow fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, when the school doesn’t have a garden, Lando uses the gardening kit created by Alimos. The OrtoLando Gardening Kit is made up of peat compost, seeds, small pots and whatever is needed to perform gardening activities.
Sowing, germination and much more. Combining learning with fun is crucial so as to arouse children’s curiosity towards the maintenance of a garden. The kit includes a board game focusing on different aspects regarding garden care and is aimed to help children learn the life cycle of vegetables.

The game’s squares help highlighting the different stages of garden care, the activities (maintenance, irrigation, setting up, etc.) and seasonal risks (wind, freeze, drought, parasites, etc.). Moreover, the game helps boosting the purpose of the School Fruit Scheme, namely promoting healthy eating habits among school children, who will be future consumers.


Daniele De Leo, excellent actor and animator, has been touring Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna from mid February to promote his show during theme events organized within the School Fruit Scheme.

The purpose of the show is to amuse children while teaching them various concepts related to fruit and vegetables.

After breaking the ice and finding common ground with his young audience, Daniele starts dancing and playing the character of the Lupo Mangiafrutta (Fruit-eating wolf).

The wolf creates and plays with children a ballad based on fruits and vegetables and prepares with them tasty fruit skewers. Children, in turn, wear coloured bibs to form a funny human skewer.

A some point, during the show, a giant apple appears on the head of a child evoking the legendary apple-shot by William Tell.

Another goal of the show is to help kids develop their senses. Daniele uses various tools to help them understand why fruits and vegetables cannot be found in every season.

Daniele will tour central Italy until the end of the school year with his show. An hour and a half of fun and loads of interesting cues that make children reflect on the importance of fruits and vegetables.




Nutrition Education Project

Alimos, with the contribution of the Province of Forlì and Cesena, has launched two initiatives within the Nutrition Education Project 2010-2011.

Students of the secondary school of “Via Pascoli” in Cesena will be involved by local Teaching farms in preparing a total of 50 healthy and tasty snacks.

Moreover, from March to May, students of primary and secondary schools of the Forlì and Cesena area will participate in cooking classes carried out by the IAL training organization in Cesenatico.

1-Day training course for Teaching Farms

Two Teaching Farms of the Cesena area (Il campo dei fiori and Clorofilla), recently hosted a
1-day training course for 19 operators of 14 different teaching farms of the Arezzo Province, in Tuscany. The topic of training activities was “Teaching at the Farm”

A real training “on the field” where farm owners act as trainers and convey their experience on the basis of the “learn by doing” philosophy.

The course, as proved by a satisfaction survey, was successful in increasing technical and professional skills of farmers.



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