Alimos at the Macfrut Fair

From Wednesday 6th October to Friday 8th October 2010, the Cesena Trade Show Area will host the 27th edition of the Macfrut fair, a key international fair in the field of fruit and vegetables, undoubtedly the most important event of its sector in the Mediterranean Basin. 

This year, some 700 exhibitors from all around the world will expose plants, technologies and services for the production, conditioning, marketing and transport of fruit and vegetables. Innovation is the recurring theme of the Exhibition on New Technologies, Seed Productions and Mediterranean Organic Productions and of the Exhibition of Fresh Cut. Each area focuses particularly on health and consumer’s satisfaction. As reported by several studies “the consumption of fruit and vegetables is currently considered as crucial to prevent illnesses and to be in good health and is closely linked to people’s wellbeing”.

The round table organized by Alimos on 7th October will focus on these topics and discuss the experience of operators of the fruit and vegetable sector involved in the School Fruit Scheme in Italy, France and Europe. Two other important meetings mark the international character of this year’s edition, namely the “European Fruit Summit”, on 5th October, and the “1st European Forum of fruit and vegetable regions” scheduled on the first day of the fair.

One more novelty of Macfrut 2010 is the so called “Oscar Macfrut”, established to be awarded to different product categories, that were recently launched in the market, for their innovative qualities.

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Round Table at the Macfrut Fair: “Teaching and learning healthy eating habits at school”

During the Macfrut Fair 2010, a round table will be held between operators of the fruit and vegetable sector, food education experts, delegates of the Italian Ministry for Agriculture, to present teaching and pedagogic strategies implemented by operators involved in the Community School Fruit Scheme. The main goal of the meeting is to share the language, the tools, the activities and the methods of communications promoting healthy eating habits.

The meeting will also be focused on activities and strategies aimed to increase children’s consumption of fruits and vegetables. In particular, the operators involved will illustrate the initiatives they implemented to provide fruit and vegetables to school children.  In addition to the Italian experience of Apofruit, we will know more about the School Fruit Scheme in France thanks to CRENO – Interfel. Finally, AREFHL will illustrate activities carried out by operators of the fruit and vegetable sector across Europe.

An interpreting service (Italian – English) will be available.

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Workshops, animations and fruit tasting sessions at the Macfrut Fair

Like every year, Alimos will have a wide stand at the International Macfrut Fair in Cesena (6-7-8th October 2010). During these three days we will host at our stand a series of interesting events, organized together with our network of teaching farms of the Forlì – Cesena area.

The events will be divided into six types, all of them focusing on food and taste education and aiming to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables among young generations. 12 primary school classes for a total of 250 students will be involved by operators of the teaching farms in various animations, sensory activities, creative laboratories and food tasting sessions.  Join us at Pavillion G, stand 47, 48, 76.

Merenda a colori – What a colourful snack

Available the English version of the learning kit Merenda a Colori (What a colourful snack).
Merenda a colori
is a recreational learning programme for primary school teachers and children. It’s main goal is to encourage children’s willingness to taste new food and to promote a positive relationship with it.

The learning kit is made up of: a teacher’s guide; a video course (DVD); a “mysterious story” introducing the game; a map; cardboard templates to cut out in order to build a full set of armour. 

After reading the mysterious story and by following the map, children are encouraged to recognize fruits according to their colours and enjoy their taste while preparing a simple fruit snack.

Watch th trailer of “Merenda a colori

Training courses for Teaching Farms

Alimos organizes two training courses for teaching farms. The e-learning course will start by the end of October, whereas the 12-hours residential course will take place on 8-9th November in teaching farms of the Forlì-Cesena area.

Our expert’s view

Starting from this edition of the Alimos newsletter, read “our expert’s view”.  Alessandra Bordoni, Professor of Food Science and Dietetics at the Department of Agriculture of the University of Bologna, will answer to various questions in the field of food education.

Here is the first question:
My child doesn’t like fruits, though, he loves fruit salads and freshly squeezed juices. Do they have the same nutritional qualities?
Before answering this question, we must first understand why children don’t eat any type of fruit. Fruits are so diverse, according to their taste, and it is rather unlikely that children don’t want to eat any fruit at all  […]  (read more)

Newsletter n. 7

30th September 2010

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Community School Fruit Scheme

Extended to October 11th 2010 the deadline to submit tender offers concerning the 2010/11 edition of the School Fruit Scheme

European Fruit Summit (second edition)

On 5th October, right before the beginning of the Macfrut fair, at the Sala Europa of the Cesena Trade Show Area, will be held the second edition of the “European Fruit Summit” organized by the Fruit and Vegetables Service Centre (CSO) and sponsored by the Emilia Romagna Region. The meeting will focus on the major themes and future estimates of the fruit and vegetable sector.
For further information and to download the conference programme

1st European Forum of fruit and vegetable regions

Thursday 6th October, at the Sala Europa, will be held the 1st European Summit of Fruit and vegetable regions, organized by the Emilia Romagna region in collaboration with AREFHL, CSO and Cesena Fiera.
Councillors from the major European fruit and vegetable regions will meet to discuss and share strategies and to provide answers to key questions and issues in the sector, with the aim of protecting and reviving the European fruit and vegetable industry, currently the world leader for both the quantity and quality of supply.

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